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In English, there are different expressions that we use to mean 'we are going to sleep'.

You can say these when you are going to sleep for the night and wake up in the morning:

(to) hit the sack
-this is a common expression which is a “fun” way to say “go to bed”
-maybe, many years ago, while people were working, they would take a break and sleep on a real sack!

A father to his son:
“It's time for you to hit the sack. You have school tomorrow morning.” 



(to) hit the hay
-this is a common, “fun” way to say "go to bed"
-”hay” is found on a farm, and maybe, people used to take breaks and sleep while they were working on a farm, or maybe, poor people used hay to sleep on
 - these days, they expressions means “go to bed for the night”

“I have to work early tomorrow, so I'm going to hit the hay. I'll see you tomorrow morning.”

(on a farm)

"Hitting the Hay"

(to) go beddy-bye

-this is less common that the others and is a “cute” way to say “go to bed”
-this sounds like the person is a small child
-you can say this to someone if you want to tease them or joke with them and pretend that they are a “little child”

“Are you going beddy-bye now? It's only 10pm! Ok, good night.”

(to) catch some Zs

-this is a “cool” way to say “going to bed”
-this is usually said by young people or young adults
-In English, the letter “z” represents the sounds we make when we are sleeping
-this usually means that you have stayed up very late and will only go to bed for a short time

“It's late. I'm gonna go catch some Z's. “

Catching some Z's
(in the cartoons)


There are also different expressions to say
take a nap”:

take a snooze
-this is common (but not as common as “take a nap”)

“I'm going to take a snooze before the party tonight.”

take a siesta 
-this is not common, but maybe you will hear it
-”siesta” is a Spanish word which means “nap”

“I like to take a little siesta on Saturday afternoons.”

In Britain, you may also hear people say, 
"forty winks". This means to take a very short nap, usually when you are on the bus or subway, etc.

“I couldn't sleep last night and I am so tired. Maybe I can get forty-winks on the bus ride to work.”

Can you think of any other expressions in English that mean “go to sleep”?

Post them as a reply to this blog post and I will correct them for you.

I'm going to take a snooze after this blog post...

Happy English!

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